eCouncil Rules

Two of three eCouncils members will unanimously decide without opposition

Discussions shall take place only with in app




100$ fee paid to each eCouncil member per delberation (excluding Fritz)

When two Banks family members disagree on any issue a grievance may be called and eCouncil rules will go into effect.

The process to initiate a eCouncil grievance is to notify  trustees Fritz by text then upload your 3 minute video testimony on the app Testmony page

When presenting your video testimony please have all documents times and dates

Once  all evidence is submitted the eCouncil  has 4 days to deliberate





Any and all official trust and residential business will be conducted through eCounsel email or video testimony no verbal,person to person or phone correspondence . 

Once the grievance has been initiated ,any discussion or phone harassment about the pending case is illegal under eCouncil rules ,placing that plaintiff in contempt of eCouncil and will default their case.

When presenting your case  by video,  stick to the topic  and only the topic,any other dialog wether digital,text or otherwise will be viewed as harassment and grounds for default.

Sanctions for noncompliance can lead up legal/financial responsibility and/or probate court and fines

No naked conversations(not being recorded) about trust and residential lbusiness is allowed and are grounds for default.






Begin a grieavance by  texting Fritz

All video testimony must open with stating the issue in question and with the time and date  and get to the point ( time limited to 3 minutes)


why  we must have rules

example video 

In this video anyone can see I being strong armed and forced into submission

If their is no accountability their is no point

Bad actors will trolled and their actions brought to the attention of the eCouncil and fined

eCouncil  members

Wayne Witherspoon

Latanya Steward

Banks Family eCouncil 2018