Rebecca Banks Ptofile

Public Domain records (mental unstability)

Rebecca Banks vs City of Los Angeles

Rebecca recorded and bank records to 

indicate premeditated malicious  intent

Caught on tape - Rebecca Banks
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As co trustee Rebecca and Dorian should

not have restraining orders agaisnt each other

Rebecca used her authority as co-trustee

to confuse bank tellers and access my bank records illegally , but was caught in the act

Fritz Banks <>

Jul 16

to amuro

I would like to personally thank Firefighter First Credit Union staff member known as " Al  "and staff for his excellence and professionalism on his job in deterring my sibling Rebecca`s recent attempt to interact on my Home Mortgage account without my authorization or knowledge. My sister`s recent attempt to gain access to my account was of malicious intent, I thank you and your staff for notifying me of this incident,





 Fitzhugh Banks

Alvaro Muro <>

Jul 16

to me

Thank you sir, much appreciated.


From: Fritz Banks [
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 11:19 AM
To: Alvaro Muro <>
Subject: Thank You Firefigher First Staff

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